Induchem establish in 2011 as Egyptian stock company working in chemical trading & manufacturing.

Over the past two years, induchem has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust Through a simple principle that we follow “Earn Trust with our partners and customers”
Induchem is among the leading distributors of chemical products & raw materials to Egypt, West Africa countries (Ghana, Togo, Benin, Abidjan…etc.) & Saudi Arabia.
Induchem has been providing support and services to major industries.
Induchem is the authorized agent and distributor of many companies as ASCOM Geology & Mining and Chemical Partners of Egypt.
Induchem is preparing to have factory for agriculture wastes recycling to produce particle boards by end of 2015
During last two years Induchem open its facilities in Ghana (Induchem Ghana) and Saudi Arabia (Global trends)

Vision, Mission and Operational Values

At induchem for Trading & manufacturing, we have ambitious plans for the region and for our customers. Our intention is to share our plans with our customers and suppliers, as we believe that their success is an integral part of our success.
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company

Our Vision and Mission:

• Select high quality products through working with high class suppliers to meet our customers’ requirements
• We are not just supplying materials to our customers but we give them a highly technical support to make sure that what we supply is meet what they expect.
• Expand market share by focusing on different market segments through discrete channels & different products
• Grow utilizing internal financial and human resources (reinvesting profits and promoting from within)
• We are dedicated to a professional approach in order to meet customer’s requirements. Our commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long term relationship with our customers.

Our Operational Values:

• A Highly Motivated Team
• A Highly technical Team
• Efficient Management
• Pre and Post-Sales Support
• Consulting and Support in project handlings
• Competitive pricing
• Product availability
• Technical Support